Jaya over AtheroSclerosis
Beyond Balloon, Stents and By-pass
The ELAN (Epiarterial Laser ANgioplasty) Procedure
Prevents Heart attacks and Brain Strokes in patients with diseased arteries (Atherosclerosis)

Treats Blockages in Arteries

Eliminates disease from treated Regions of Arteries and

No requirement for medications
(Blood thinners and Cholesterol lowering drugs) after the procedure

The real value lies in the prevention of catastrophic events (Heart Attacks and Brain Strokes) and the absence of need for medication post-procedure!!
Atherosclerosis is a disease of arteries that afflicts a large proportion of humanity. Its incidence among the above 50 year age-group is more than 25%.
The disease is characterized by accumulation of plaque (cholesterol and other fatty chemicals plus inflammatory and other cells) between the innermost (tunica Intima) and middle layers (tunica Media) of the artery wall. This accumulation projects into the lumen and obstructs the flow of blood through the artery.
The traditional approach has been to treat the obstruction, which is actually the end result of the disease process.
Balloons, drug eluting balloons, bare metal stents, drug eluting stents and by-pass surgery treat just the obstruction but leave the disease process that caused the obstruction in the first place, as it is.
Since the disease process remains active new blockages keep developing and repeat treatments become necessary. Secondly, the through the artery approach injures the innermost lining (tunica Intima) leading to treatment failure. Many repeat procedures become necessary and the process seems to be endless!!

We propose an alternate which avoids the through the artery approach and eliminates the disease process. It is called The ELAN (Epiarterial Laser ANgioplasty) Procedure.

Herein, a few very precise cuts of known depth are placed, in the wall of the diseased artery from the external surface, as far as the atherosclerotic disease process extends along its length. The ELAN procedure eliminates atherosclerosis by exposing the plaque contents and the disease process to the natural healing elements (white blood cells) of the body.
Normally, a fibrous capsule envelops the plaque preventing any medications or white cells from reaching it.
Diagrammatically - In Cross Section:
Acute (immediate) changes brought about by a few cuts produced by a pulsed laser on the surface of a diseased thickened wall of an artery (which has blood pressure inside it) as seen in cross section.

I: Schematic representation of cross-section of diseased artery.

II to V: Effects of partial thickness laser cuts made on the surface of thickened diseased portion of arterial wall when there is blood pressure inside the vessel.

VI: Cross-section of Healed artery after 6 weeks

VII: Longitudinal section of Healed artery after 6 weeks