Jaya over AtheroSclerosis
Beyond Balloon, Stents and By-pass
The ELAN (Epiarterial Laser ANgioplasty) Procedure
The Procedure

The ELAN Procedure involves:

1.   Approaching the external surface of the artery surgically (minimally invasive, endoscopic techniques).

2.   Mapping the artery wall structures in 3D, in real time, with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) at a very high resolution (10 microns).

3.   Calculating and marking areas on the artery surface to be cut, 10 microns at a time (micro-ablation) using femto-second laser micro-machining technology.

4.   Performing Laser micro-ablation on the surface of the diseased artery. The incision is deep enough to cut through the outer most layer (tunica Adventitia), the middle layer (tunica Media) and the fibrous capsule that surrounds the plaque and lay open the cavern that contains the plaque elements (cholesterol and other fatty chemicals plus inflammatory and other cells).

5.   The whole length of the diseased artery is treated, not just the site of obstruction.

      It is possible to treat small vessels (as low as < 1mm internal diameter) and vessels with low blood flow (such as Internal Iliac and infra-popliteal arteries) without fear of failure (thrombosis) since the vessel lumen is not entered and Tunica Intima, the arterial anti-thrombotic surface, remains uninjured and undisturbed.