Jaya over AtheroSclerosis
Beyond Balloon, Stents and By-pass
The ELAN (Epiarterial Laser ANgioplasty) Procedure
The Technology

1.  OCT is used to image the artery in 3D to establish the ablation map and to monitor the ablation process in real-time.

2.  Ultrafast (Femto-second) Laser is used for micro-machining the surface of the artery.

3.  A 6-axis Robotic arm is used to position the Optics/Ablation head over the artery.

4.  In a minimally invasive approach, a disposable arterial sleeve placed over the artery guides optical and ablation fibers over the artery surface.

5. Hence, laser beam path is fully contained and no protective eye-wear is required.
Clinical simulation of ELAN procedure.
Femto-second laser micro-machining on surface of excised, internally pressurized  carotid artery.
ELAN System, Rt side view
ELAN System, front view
The ELAN laser medical system.
ELAN Technology
The Research and Development of the technology behind the ELAN procedure is being carried out at our facility located in Seminole, Florida. This new capability is based on the work of Dr. Ajoy Singh with the objective to develop a technology capable of preventing progression of atherosclerosis and treating its consequence.
Femto-second laser micro-machining on surface of Watanabe Carotid